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ravioli ravioli give me the spagettioli

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This is my Design

…and now I can get back to the other things I should be doing. ;)

It needs to be stretched/tightened (it doesn’t look taught enough and that’s bugging me), and it isn’t quite circular, but I really like this. I’d been meaning to do a Hannibal pattern since partway through the first season, so it’s about time. I might try doing other versions with different words inside the antlers (like “NOPE,” “HELP,” etc.), and I really want to do another piece with the friendship quote from the first episode of the second season. I really love that quote.

Of course, after I had already started the antlers I realized that they might be better in dark brown rather than black. I’ll probably try that out next time. For now, more Anime North prep!

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There’s no greater joy than making someone you care for something beautiful. There’s nothing sweeter than enjoying a simple task on a sunny Saturday morning.

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